Named Colonists

Former Council Members
Colonists, Aurora
Colonists, Bayside
Colonists, Janus 2
Colonists, Janus 3

Colonists, Oceana

Fisher Kings


Seri Bahiti Tiberius, no house affiliation, Entomologist and Roboticist, headed Grassland Alpha Pod, married to Virgil

Former Council Members
Colony Administrator
Braxus Weston, courtesy rank in ISP

Agro-Tech: Currently filled by Ana Kawit, mycologist, married to George Adams
House of Children: Currently filled by Hapu Min
ISP: Currently filled by Georgia Abraxas Smith, Captain of the Janus 2
Spacers: Stella Justinius Natus, Janus 3, descendant of its ISP commander
Janus 3: Julia Lucinta Septima, former Janus 3, Politician, VIP

At Large
Ammon Talbot, Head of House Minotaur
Brooke NightHawk, Head of House Willowbark, Trauma Physician
Frida Octavius Jenna, no house affiliation, Sanitation Engineer
Quintus Liberians Lucius, non house affiliation, Mechanical Engineer
Septus Carus Luciano, Head of House Bovine Plus

Colonists, Aurora
Aken, psionic (electrical control), virtual reality palace addict
Amsi Hamad, noble from the Compact Coalition, land of Ra, from J4
AUD1, bot, linguist, mimic
Breena — George Marcus’ mom — works for AgroTech
Cara Leta Justinus, managing Robo-Factory, married to Marcus
Charles Doolin — Agro-Tech architect/designer/administrator
Cho An’ Lee, Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Aerobics Teacher
Concordance 1, Seri Bahiti Tiberius‘s personal assistant bot
Concordance 3 (Conny), Agro-Tech Personal Assistant Bot
Da Jing, Lumber Jack, Fisherman
Dauving Faustina,biologic sciences, strong in mathematics
Frieda Steinhold, J4, medic, rescue team
Gallionus Justinus Quintus, psionic (danger sense, empathy, mindshield) Vigil, currently the face of House Vigil
Genevieve Lucianus Ulfsdotter — Janus 3, House of Children, delegate to drafting comm.
George Adams, Agro-Tech exec
George Marcus — Age 2. First human born on TN.
Gregory, Janus 2, Astronomer, went on Janus 3 rescue mission and Asteroid Belt mission
Jeanie Delanne , psionic (anti-psi (screamer)), married to Marak
Jack H Wells (Hunter), Janus 3, Hunter who shot Lyra, Currently in freezer
Jeannie Wexton, child, Braxton’s daughter
Julia Lucinta Septima - Janus 3- noble/lawyer/brewer — Marak and AUD1 debated her at the politicking before Lyra got shot; she ran for the Drafting Committee tangled with George and Denhar, may have hired Vivian to spy on George.
Juliana Maxadia Gala (Maxi), Medical Board member
Harmonia 5
Honodorius Aurus (Hondo), Machinist/Drummer, works at sawmillKavik — Janus 2, Hunter
“Lodestone”, Janus 2, Space Miner, some health issues
Lorn Goslin, Agrotech Financial, former Janus 3, likes to stir trouble
Lyra, A.U.D.I. Representative, Married to Marak
Marcea, Janus 2, Med-Tech
Marcus Varr Aquila Gracche, House Willowbark, pilot, married to Cara, adopted brother of Thea
Marak, Entrepreneur, Head of House Mercury, Married to Lyra and Jeannie
Mater, Janus 2, Hunter
NightHawk, House Willowbark, head of Vigils, Brooke’s husband, Marcus thinks he’s a psycho
N’yet — Mict soldier with keen sense of smell
Quintus Cornelius Felix Varro (Felix), Colony Project Manager, House Willowbark, investigator, Marcus’ uncle
Roberto Toscano, Jeweler
Selak, Half Mict Drone Operator
Septus Carus Luciano - J4- Bovine Plus
Tamriel NightHawk, child, Brooke and NightHawk’s son
Tara Willowbrook, psionic (amnesiac, abilities unknown)
Tau Ming, from J2, Administrator of robofac banking minutes; Treasurer of the colony
Theia Denhar, psionic (healer, mindshield, minor TK), headed Fisher King embedded expedition, married to Cailean, adopted sister of Marcus, has a trained minidon.
Turg — Mict Soldier
Virgil Agricola Vicinius, biologists, geneticist
Viviana , psionic (telepath (receiver), surface thoughts)

Colonists, Bayside
Akila, psionic (psi sniffer), former Imperial Investigator, ISP
Aneteros 2, bot, Theia Denhar‘s patientCailean Flannagan, scientific generalists, w. intelligence analysis and research, headed Bayside Alpha Pod, part of the Fisher King, expedition, married to Thea Denhar
Flavious Antiles, Captain Guthar’s Second in Command
Guthar, Captain of Janus 4, technically ranking ISP on Terra Nueva
Jed Wilson, House Bovine Plus

Colonists, Janus 2
(Those living aboard Janus 2, including former Janus 3 personnel)
Drya Proctor, Janus 3, Agro Tech Biologist, tended food vats, wife of Valerios
Genevieve Lucianus Ulfsdotter, House of Children, from J3
Jude Proctor, Janus 3, Running for Council, son of Drya and Valerious
Maxus, Janus 3, elderly ISP commander
Quintus, Janus 3, Mechanical Engineer
Valerious Proctor, Janus 3, Leader of the Protector of the Sleeping
Vesta Kari, Janus 3, Food Vat Technician, Running for Council

Colonists, Janus 3
Eldwin — young Engineer, mostly working on Janus 3
MBH1 — insane bot, reprogramed by Venus 3

Colonists, Oceana
Hadrian Davenson — Military Governor (Can give Adams a run for his money as diplomat)
Geoffrey Westgate — diplomat?
Jan Lester — supplies/logistics/merchant?

Colonists, Belter Refugees
Isha Bow — Medynn female, Ship’s Doctor
Li Bow — Medynn male engineer, married to Isha Bow
Mehai — Medynn female, navigator
Reha — human woman, communications officer on the new ship and tree shaper (space agronomist).
Rigel — head of the Belters

Fisher Kings
(none named, only titles)

Desert Bloom — oldest of the Queens — Dead
First Bloom of Desert Bloom — elderly “Princess”, black vest — Dead
two purple and two red princesses — not named — 2 purple and 1 red died in the Tsunami, at the end of the Tikket civil war, 1 purple and 1 red sought refuge with the Star People diplomats
Golden Sand and Black Sand — queens of hives on the border of the desert, friendly with the Golden Ants, seem to favor us; one of Golden Sand’s echoes died in the Tsunami
Scorpion’s Bane — queen of hive near the desert, works with the red ants
Ocean Breeze — queen

Coral Bloom — granddaughter of Desert Bloom, Ozone’s queen (healer)
Breeze — Coral Bloom’s senior consort (teleporter)
Ozone, scientist monitoring Aurora, now a living computer (telepath)
Speaker, biological construct (telepath)

Other Queens on the east continent:
Fertile Bloom
Darkness Bloom
(Water) Lily Bloom

Golden Ants
Met two at the Treaty talks, not named.
Elderly, no-longer-fertile queen, living at Marak’s Ponderosa, along with 6 golden ants

Named Colonists

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