Colony Council

Colony Council structure- The Council is made up of nine members, and has two tiers. A top tier of three council members from the colonies three most important Houses. The top tier has the power to form a ruling Triumvirate, in times of emergencies. This top tier has no addition powers over the other tier.
These are currently Agro-tech, I..S.P. and House of Children- Motto “To bring forth this and all generations with wisdom, strength and courage.”
• House of Children – Hapu Min is an older Egyptian male, 45ish. He is one of the oldest colonist on the ship.
• Agro-Tech Ana Kawit- She’s a skilled administrator had been regional director for the Hearth Lands division.
ISP Captain Georgia Abraxas Smith

Six other seats are filled by general election. They are currently held by:
Ammon Talbot, Head of house Minutor. House Minutor was formed during your training sessions at I.S.P. Ammon Talbot organized the minors from the various houses convinced them that if they were going to survive a dangerous job on an alien world they need to be a united team and he was the one to lead them.
• Brook Nighthawk, Head of house Willowbark. A well respected Trauma Dr. She is in her late 30’s most notable one of the few colonist who traveled with children.
• Frida Octavius Jenna, Sanitation Engineer, non-house affiliate.
Seri Bahiti Tiberius, Scientist. Attractive well spoken
• Quintus Liberians Lucius Mechanical Engineer
• Septus Carus Luciano House of Bovine Plus.

The Council has chosen a colony Administrator who operates much like the Director of Operations handling the Daily running of the Colony and reporting directly to Colony Council. The Colony administrator is Braxus Weston.


Colony Council

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