Theia Denhar

Field Doctor


I’m telling you, the autodoc is wrong.”

Dr. Denhar is a young physician from the Midwest (near Del Moines). Her parents were large-animal veterinarians for the local famers, and ran a small horse farm on the side. She’s mentioned an older brother once or twice — the violin she brought was his.

She graduated from the University of Minerva, and was with one of the medical teams responding to the Great Earth Shake in Shanghai in 3429. Since then, she had been working in a variety of war-torn, disaster-flattened, and disease-ridden trouble spots before being recruited for the ISP. She’s a hands-on doctor, but sometimes butts heads with her peers over diagnosis and treatment plans. Fortunately, she’s got a good success record.

She’s run medical exams on some of the PCs, trained with others in various ISP classes, and hangs around at social activities. She’s also a competent violin player and artist (drawing).

Theia Denhar

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