Weight Limit - Wealth

Colonist personal cargo weight limit is 30 lbs, with no more than 3 lbs in sensitive electronics which need to be in climate controlled cargo. ( for example liquid crystal screens which will freeze in non-climate controlled cargo.

Wealth level percentages effect weight limit.. so if you take struggling weight limit would be 1/2 of given value. If you take comfortable weight limit would be x2.

Campaign starting wealth 30,000 20% of which can be used for adventuring gear. Since you are leaving your world as colonist the rest can be sold at a fire sale for 10% on the dolor and also used for gear. Please consider the need for clothing and whether your character is the sort to want anything personal from home.

1pt Perk 10/1 lbs in extra gear.

Med kits and tool kits don’t count against weight limit if you are a technical person or doctor and can be called upon to use them in the service of the colony.

Character creation Information

Weight Limit - Wealth

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