Initially everyone’s job one way or another will have to do with the survival and growth of the colony so the unit of pay will be robo-factory time.

Baseline food shelter, clothing and tools needed to do your job are provided. Under Gurps rules this would be your cost of living, Above cost of living, based on TL and wealth lvl and other modifiers, there is what a PC or other person could reasonably expect to make in a month in expendable income.

Currently Robo-Factory value/minute =$330.00 Standard colony pay for average wealth is 10 Robo-factory minutes/ month. Pay does not include any raw materials, that might be necessary to make your goods. These can be traded for, scavenged, or brought in your cargo…

Raw Materials

  • Appropriate materials to build items for an Industrial Robo Factory- Specialized parts/ or components needed to create the item — X1 Robo-Factory time
  • Recycled stuff that add up to what you need— X2 Robo-Factory time
  • Have the right chemical compounds to build what you need — up to x24 Robo-Factory time depending on complexity of build.

As a note Robo-Factories aren’t nano-factories and can’t build on the molecular level. If given Bio-plastic as a raw material there is limited sub-set of goods a robo-Factory can make. Bio-Plastic is wet nano-tech built in labs by the use of protein based nano-bots.

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