Job Rules

Job rolls will be for the most part will be as per Gurps. Base roll will be against a relevant stat or skill vs a 12.

To start with jobs for the colony are considered salaried at 10 min of Robo-Factory time per month, so the only rolls that effect base pay are critical successes or failures.

  • Critical success a one time +20% additional robo-factory time
  • Critical Failure a one time – 20% to robo-factory time (additional possible effects vary depending on job)

Job roll modifiers

Initially until acclimated to the new planet there will be a health roll prior to the job roll. Initial HT roll starts at HT-2.

  • For each month on planet character gets a +1 to the HT rolls,
  • For every critical failure character gets -1 to HT roll
  • Critical success to health roll you have acclimated no more HT rolls
  • All HT rolls go away when HT roll= HT+5

Effects to Job roll

  • Succeed HT roll, – No effect standard Job roll
  • Fail HT roll, job roll success base is reduced by the amount you failed HT roll by.
  • Example- HT 10 Character on month one, HT roll would be vs 8. If die roll is a 12 for his HT roll he has failed by 4. His job skill is a 14, so his job roll would be vs 10 (14-4=10 ).
    The following month same character he didn’t critical fail his HT roll so HT roll would be vs a 9 (HT-1)….

Job Rules

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