ISP Training Package

I.S.P. (Imperial Space Program) Training
Paired with -5pt Duty Colony (9 or less)

Choose 5pts worth of training.

1pt Dabbler Technician IQ/A Default +2 (IQ-3)
  • Electronic ops Medical
  • Electronic ops Communication
  • Electronic ops Scientific
  • Electronic ops Sensors
1pt Dabbler-Drive
  • Drive hover jeep Dex/A (Dex-2)
  • Drive Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Dex/A (Dex-3)
  • Drive Construction Vehicle Dex/A (Dex-3)
1pt Dabbler Spacer —> Default +2
  • Crewman Spacer Janus IQ/E (IQ-2)
  • Crewman Pegasus IQ/E (IQ-2)
  • Environmental Suit/Vac Tl 10 IQ/A (IQ-3)
  • Free Fall Dex/A (Dex-3)
1Pt Dabbler Woodsman —> Default +3
  • Survival Forest (Per-6) includes -4 for alien world
  • Naturalist IQ/H (IQ-7) includes -4 for alien world
1Pt Dabbler Militia
  • Beam Weapon Pistol Dex/E (Dex -1)
  • Soldier IQ/A (IQ-3)
  • Hiking HT/A (HT-3)
1Pt Dabbler Farmer
  • Animal Handling (farm animals) IQ/A (IQ-3)
  • Farming IQ/A (IQ-2)
  • Drive Heavy Wheeled Dex/A (Dex-3)
1pt Environmental Suit/ Vac TL 10 Dex/A —> (Dex-1)

1pt First Aide TL 10 IQ/E —→ (IQ)

Character Creation Rules

ISP Training Package

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