Character Creation Rules

Base Character point 130, 35 in disads + 5 in quirks.

Current books are Gurps basic, Psionic are allowed, no magic. Gurps Bio-tech, Gurps Ultra-tech and Gurps space.

The I.S.P. training Package contains a 5pt duty to Colony which does not count against your 35 in dis-ads and nets out to a 0 pt package. I have set it up so you have some choice about what you choose to learn. .
ISP Training Package

As previously stated Aute’ used Bionics, but to be a colonists with bionics you would have to have a compelling back story and unusual background advantage to have been chosen given the colony would have trouble initially supporting this technology. Neural Jacks are fine, but will have less use until the colony has an active internet.

Psionics there was psionic community on Aute’ who practiced the art of psionic gestalt

Teleport power is not available.

Telekinesis power is available, but flight, walk on water and air have not been developed.

Psychic Healing is available, the skill of regrowth has not been developed.

Telepathy- is available, the possession power is only available with the mindlink limitation, and Invisibility has not been developed.

Character creation Information

Character Creation Rules

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