Terra Nueva

Terra Nueva

1 year before launch you were quietly recruited by your Houses, Provinces, the Empire or I.S.P (Imperial Space Program) for this mission. Your Houses (read corporation/patron) all would have told you to carry their name to this new world and reestablish their existence and power on this new world. They would have reminded you it is because of them you have a future, and to them you owe all that you have. So go forth and make them proud. (Depending on the house this reminder may have been a little more or less subtle.) Should you have been in service to your Province instead of House, the speech would have been the same. Six months before launch you would have been brought to I.S.P for training, spending time at their facility in Vendell and at the moon base.

The day after your arrival at Vendell, you and the colonists from Janus 1 are addressed by Tadrak Gen Agrippa. Although he has no reputation as a compelling speaker, once he begins it is nearly impossible to not become deeply involved in the speech.

“I stand before you a son of House Agrippa (he is wearing a part of the Imperial regalia, a sword), as are we all. My line was not born by blood to this house, but chosen by circumstance, and adopted by Marcus Agrippa Navius, to make right a great wrong. You have been chosen by circumstance (fluidly drawing and pointing the sword) and adopted by the Emperors of the Alloy Kingdom to carry us to the stars. Bring to them not our petty rivalries, but our determination, show them not our shallowness, but the greatness which is Aute’s spirit.”


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