Terra Nueva

Yes, We Can!

Doctor's Log 1x05

A small burrowing omnivore has been found at Lakeside. The Snipe is a burrowing reptile with mammalian features, approximately 7-8" long. It is both oviparous and provides milk to its young in a pouch. The Snipe has hairs which camouflage it, akin to the chameleon ability of Mict on Aute. More importantly, it has a mental ability to cause observers to ignore it. This ability does not affect its image on cameras, in reflections, or artificial intelligence. The combination of both optical camouflage and mental fogging raises a number of concerns about the Snipes’ predators.
Snipes have dexterious paws – they are likely able to open containers as well as a racoon. Snipes around Lakeside have been relocated to across the river. If food refuse or small objects are missing, look for tracks [image] and/or use thermal sensors to check for Snipes. Pegasus will be checked regularly to make sure no Snipes stowaway to Janus 2.

Ground Breaking:

After much discussion on Janus 2, the colony council has agreed to use Lakeside as the initial site. An Alpha pod will be maintained at Bayside to study native grains, which can neutralize the phosphorous-eating bacteria (PEB) in combination, potentially domesticatable herbivores, our largest mammal to date (the dog-sized armadillo/anteater) and the Quetzel-Nueva, which might be domesticatable into a riding creature. Another Alpha pod will remain at Grassland to continue studying the stink prairie bugs, local pack predator, and to hunt bugaloo to supplement the diet at Lakeside. Bugaloo honey may be helpful with adapting to the local pollens. Virgil and Seri are making intriguing progress with the stink prairie bugs. Marcus observed their colony structure looks like a communications system.

There was much discussion about the order of landing materials and personnel, agricultural prospects, re-purposing the larger shelters into greenhouses once wooden or stone structures are made, and introducing goats, dogs, and perhaps chickens to begin adapting our animals to TN.

Counselor Hapu raised concerns about how much we know about Lakeside’s hazards. The subsequent Snipe discovery, shows just how much we don’t know about our new home. The Civils and some Venus drones quickly began work on the site. The medical team is now 3 doctors, several nurses, and a respiratory therapist. Medical problems have been minor and as expected – allergies and minor injuries. Dr. Galla [Julianna Maricella Galla] has a history of allergies, so far controlled with a filter mask.

After a week, the initial site is ready. The fusion reactor and macrofac is down. Marak has started work on his saw mill. A mining team is looking for a good starting site. A lumber team is getting ready to start floating logs down the river. Marcus has been drawing up plans for an airship, might go nicely with ride-able QN.

So far, things are going reasonably well. The Snipe hunt pointed out tensions about possessions and personal space. People do not have much and are very territorial about what they do have. We also need to work on building the individual colonists into a community, without the usual links of family ties and connections. Marak has begun movie night. I’m working on music night. We’ve had one celebratory bugaloo BBQ to mark the successful landing of the major colony components.


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