Terra Nueva

The Dryads on this Planet are Ugly!

Doctor's Log 1x09

Safety Advisory – Attention Lumber Teams – Life Cycle of the Tree Shrimp Identified. Tree Shrimp are the female/egg form of the creature. The male, Sluggathor [file attached] can grow to ATV sized. Eats trees and impregnates others. (Which explains the Mobile Maples’ mobility.) ATV-sized ones are rare, but even a person-sized one may be dangerous. Sluggathor has no eyes, but some sort of targeting sense and a sonic attack that knocks foes down/over. Fisher Kings use Tree Shrimp ooze to protect their trees from bugs and disease – may be useful for our crops, at the risk of attracting Sluggathors.

Medical Staff Meeting Requested – Dr. Denhar requests a meeting of medical staff, with medical secure link to Janus 2 medical staff to discuss a development and further research. Case Notes Follow.
Case Notes [High Medical Encryption, Contains Patient Data] Patient Alpha is has been on Terra Nueva for __ days. Pre-departure medical scans and most recent medical scan attached. Note differences in brain structures. [Scans, identified only as Patient Alpha, attached] This may be a result of a prion/virus like silica substance. [file on Purple attached]

As some of you know, the Lumber/Mining Survey encountered two layers of sub-surface silica life [Vampire crystals] that infected two digger bots and re-wrote their programs. The Black Sand is dormant outside of temperature extremes. When active it consumes electricity and/or life energy to survive. One of our local digger swarms showed similar malfunctions, but at a much lower level. The threat had been believed mostly confined to bots and sophisticated tech. The Fisher-Kings, it turns out, collect a purple silica and pack it around their eggs. Their stories imply that it has effects on embryo development – possibly boosting intelligence – effects differ on each individual. On a hunch, Patient Alpha agreed to be scanned. Patient Alpha has fully adapted to TN’s hostile atmosphere and has been subject to high levels of stress recently. Comparison was made with Patient Alpha’s pre-departure medical testing. Changes are noted. Neurological review requested.

Theory: Purple Silica is in the air and environment. It is potentially changing us as we adapt to this place. Risks, unknown.

• Randomized testing of on-ground colony personnel looking for similar changes.
• Incubation of two mini-don eggs (estimated incubation time 35 days), one with Purple around it, one isolated as control. Comparisons made during hatching.
• Randomized testing of any mammals incubated since landfall for developmental changes

Council briefing to follow within 6 weeks (as soon as we have enough data to- avoid a panic- make a reasoned decision).
[Case Note Ends]

Survey Log: Summary of Janus 3 mission. Successful return. Janus 3 survivors – 151 awake, many elderly with serious bone loss and other health issues. 692 in hibernation tanks. Venus 3 functional. Only a few bots still functional. Medical Summary Appended.

Aurora developments: Counselor Siri has successfully documented the life cycle of the Buggalo. Hemp crop grown. Potatoes less successful. A few new pests found including a dangerous wasp-like creature [Piranha Wasps]. One lumberjack badly injured, still in serious condition in the Medical Hut. (Hospital construction in progress.)

Survey Log: Fisher King Expedition successful. Team arrived in time to stop an attack by a previously unknown aggressive herbivore on the nest thanks to quick work by AUD1, Marak and his drone, and Gracchie. Communications eventually made with Fisher Kings, thanks to groundwork by Councilor Hapu Min and Dr. Flanagan. The creature, Slugathor, is the mobile male of the tree shrimp we encountered in the Lumber/Mining Survey. It is technically edible, but low in nutrients and with little flavor.

Social Structure – Each Mobile Maple is home to three breeding females, the eldest of which governs matters for the Trees. The fishing group is a Wing, divided into Talons. The strongest of the Talons makes decisions as needed for the Wing. The Shaman is outside this structure and tends the trees. Fisher Kings have an oral tradition, use some local plants [note to introduce our guests to Willowbrook] for healing and plant care. More importantly, the Shamans tend the Purple Sand, which they pack around their eggs to incubate them.
History: The Fisher Kings have immigrated to this Continent from islands to the west. They left because of “The Bad” – Shaman indicates the desert. Older/larger colonies may have more information about The Bad. They have not encountered any other life that can talk. They are unfamiliar with mammals. The Shaman cannot see the Snipe. When asked about things that talk in your head, the Shaman vaguely recalls something about The Bad.

New Threat: The Leaping Lizards – brachiating lizards, the Fisher Kings consider them pests. Have not seen ourselves.


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