Terra Nueva


Doctor's Log 1x10

[Dictated. Personal. Encrypted. Contains Patient Information]

The stim antidote should kick in soon. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been awake. Landing Day evening, that’s when it started. I was on call. An urgent page called me from the dance floor. Dr. Willowbrook’s son, Tamriel, arrived with flu-like symptoms. Initial lab reports show a new virus, multiplying fast. No response to our standard antibiotics. Nurses report an uptick in patients in the clinic recently for minor fevers and aches. Vicinius also paged. He finds virus in Tamriel’s sweat and nasal droplets. Dr. Willowbrook isn’t showing symptoms yet, but she’s got it. Our first Terra Nueva disease and it’s shaping up to be a bad one.

AUD1 has been spending time with our Fisher King emissaries. On Aute, flu could infect avians and humans – it is a longshot, but maybe they’ve seen something like this. We can support Tamriel’s symptoms, but unless his immune system rallies I don’t have many options.
Hours pass. The Fisher-Kings do have a local fish they use for disease. AUD1 and Gracche go with them to get some. Trying not to start a panic, but nobody can miss Pegasus headed out. Leave their feed from a secure channel on in the background. Something about jungle pond, singing frogs, steak-vine – the hiss of a flamer, the crackle of an electro-laser.
Adams and Marak start quietly sending the folks who were recently seen back for a re-check and looking for those with fever using multiscanner contacts. As patients trickle in, more are infected. All of them have bug bites – the local mosquito cognate. And it is not affecting anyone who was not in the colony for the past couple of days. Adams has it, but in Stage 1 (not contageous yet.) So Adams and Marak are on a bug hunt. After a bit of fuss, they eventually come back with three sample nests. Mosquito-like creature. No actual queen, but a living nest with some sort of tissue in it. May have a relation to a local bird that was found near the insect nest.
Patients continue to get worse. Nothing is working. Tamriel continues to weaken. Another child comes in – Administrator Wexton’s daughter Jeanne. Counselor Min as well. Nobody seems to be able to fight it off. Nothing to work with for a vaccine yet. All I can do is supportive care. Finally Pegasus returns. Vicinius says that a smear of the fish liver kills the virus in culture. But will it kill our patients. Can’t create an animal model – snipes, mice, goats, tree shrew all potential carriers, but not infected. Only thing we can do is try it – I’d offer a prayer if I thought anyone still listened.
George volunteers – he’s early Stage 2. It’s bad. Something in the liver flushes everything out of his system – good and bad alike. But we can treat dehydration and repopulating his gut. A couple of Doctors, one Stage 2, one Stage 3, are next at half dosage. It helps, but doesn’t flush the virus. It’ll be all or nothing.
Running out of time for Tamriel, Jeanne, and Min. Pegasus goes out for more fish. I catnap – need to be awake for the worst of the patients. Tamriel next. Goes fine. Jeanne and Min are touch-n-go. Min nearly goes into cardiac arrest. But hell live. 350 primary infections, another 200 secondaries. That’s half the colony. Zero fatalities. This time.
Notes to self – need to sequence the virus, make it visible to our immune systems, need a second arrow beyond the fish liver. How is it invisible. So fast, so deadly, could it be created? Need to talk to Vicinius. Need to…
[Log automatically closed when snoring detected.]


viola_wardell LJS

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