Terra Nueva

It's life, but not as we know it

Doctor Log 1x06

Medical Log: So far no unexpected events. Muscle strain. Dehydration. Heat stroke. Sunburn. Nothing serious. Weather is starting to cool off, clouds on the horizon. Sky is unusually bright, recommend sunglasses to avoid cornea burns. Maybe we can add some public safety announcements to Marak’s proposed 52-hour news channel.

Observation – a Roman bathhouse could be useful for hygiene and community building. It will also be easier to filter water on a large scale than dome by dome. It would also be psychologically useful to start making some permanent places, built for the long-term.

Addendum: [Contains patient data, encrypted] Marak has asked me for help on a personal project regarding sleep cycles and metabolism. Records appended. He needs to delegate and find some managers for his projects.

Survey Log: Woods and Mines
The hover jeep can fly across the river. The ATV, on the other hand, has to cross the river. And, of course, there’s another river frond hidden in the mud. It is about 1,000 feet in diameter. Fish swim back and forth without it reacting. What do these things eat that look like ATVs? Vicinius asks Da Jing [a lumberjack] to fish up a sample.

Samples taken of nuts, berries, and local birds. New creature located, a four winged glider. [Files attached] Da Jing has seen signs of large game, later identified as a forest raptor. It’s scat has traces of bugaloo –the nearest prairie is a hundred or more miles away.

Da Jing asked Vicinius a yellow fluid oozing from a species of trees in the woods. It is mildly sticky, but the tree seems healthier than those around it. We locate a knot hole, about four inches in dimeter. George inspects the interior. It is disturbingly organic. We find a tree that has been split open and a cavity inside. We find another tree – no hole. Drilling into it, we find a creature that has merged into the wood. The tree rings are healthier after the creature got into it.

Eventually realize that the tree is infested with a large creature. It burrows inside, consumes the tree, and busts out. The hole leads to its reproductive track. The sap is likely an attractant for reproduction. (What does the male look like?] Egg and tissue samples obtained. Infection affects about 20% of the trees.
Along the river, we encountered a lone forest raptor. After investigation, have marked the area as dangerous due to dangerous fungal organism.

Bugaloo herd located in the forest, seem to be migrating. Location noted.

Eventually the trail ends, and we have to proceed on foot. We still see occasional oozing trees. Eventually, we get to the mining site and set up the drill. Surveying continues. The bots hit something. A cloud of dust files up and the bots stop. Marak sends Eagle over – the bots are frozen and the temperature is lower around them. Ice crystals are forming on them. Their cooling systems are causing it. Marak investigates. There is some odd dusting around the vents. Something reprogrammed the bots to overload their cooling systems. The circuit board has been reconfigured. After significant work, we hypnotize. We may have found silicone based life. Its an organic computer virus – and it consumes life energy. It ate a living plant sample – withered it. The samples are similar to the 1,000 year silica. We start theorizing.

This reminds me of something. A few days ago, Marak mentioned some problems with a digger swarm, looks like a damaged file. He uploaded a patch to the digger hive to fix new bots. If this is related, it may be worse that we thought.


viola_wardell LJS

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