Terra Nueva

In the Jungle

Brei's Letters Home 1x01

Dear Dad and Mom

Just a quick field update. I’m in the midst of my first actual ISP mission. We left Gaspia for Kr-axal Nox to help the Uatsu cataloging local wildlife. Their hunters found a new large insectiod-herbavore (Harvesters), sign of a larger Hand-like creature (Great Slinkers), and traces of a tree-based predator (Tree Ghost).

We’re under command of Centurion Harrison Adams. I like him. He’s very clear about the mission goals and parameters. No nonsense and straight to business.

Rest of the team is

Sen Bahati Vicinius – Dr. Vicinius’ eldest I think.

Hawkwing Horus, a Fisher King from Aurora, with cyber arms – Marine/scout

Drake – a Marine who travels with a huge gun (I’m not sure that’s supposed to be sentient-portable). He’s surprisingly stealthy given that much gear and armor.

Felgercarb – an Utasu technician who seems really edgy with outdoors, mud, and muck.

So far we’ve been out a few days and have samples and recordings of at least three new species – the Harvesters, Nag Birds, and a Tree Ghost. We’ve seen signs of a prismatic bird which feeds from an unknown flower. The prismatic birds may have sonic effects – Centurion Adams has been keeping us on task. We’ve seen Steak Vine, but nothing has tried to eat us so far.

I’m glad you insisted I apprentice with House Bovine in veterinary – it’s been handy. Sen and I have lots of samples to bring back and I’ll attach the data we have so far.

We’ll likely spend another day or two trying to track and observe the Tree Ghost – it’s camouflage includes IR and makes a Snipe look lazy. Then we’ll see what we can find about these Great Slinkers.

All my love



viola_wardell LJS

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