Terra Nueva


Doctor's Log 1x20

Personal, Standard Encryption

Now that things are settled, for now, with Desert Bloom, it is time for the Colony to settle its own affairs. The Council is not fully happy with Counselor Bahiti’s work – if Coral Bloom is to be part of our Nest, then she and the three other Eastern Queens wants to observe the Constitutional debates. Seems reasonable to me, but Adams is going to have to stop joking about extreme responses in public.

Bayside and Aurora are expanding. Aurora has several satellite camps for crafts, mining, and logging. Marak and I have been talking about a small, short-range aerial transport for 2-3 people so we can get a doctor out to the isolated camps quickly, or get a patient back here for treatment fast. The historical databases have ideas, but as usual, resources are an issue. I’ll mention it to Drs. Willowbrook and Gala – let them fight for it with the Council. Counselor Bahiti and Vincinus are staying at Bayside for now to work on set-up for his house.

The issues at hand are the shape and scope of the legislature, citizenship and voting rights, basic protected rights and liberties, the sentient AIs’ status, and relations with Tikket and Fisher Kings. The mood on our arrival is low. Desert Bloom agreed to return their geothermal venting to its original condition as a show of good faith – but it will take a while for the rainy season to clear. There’s mud, more mud, and exciting new species of fungus and mold. Of course Dr. Gala assigned me to clinic duty. The Fisher Kings and Ozone warn that one of the new mosses is a sopsoporific. [Flag to House Willowbark for medical uses; Flag to Vigils as safety issue] They also warn that another mold is very aggressive and corrosive. [Flag to Medical, Vigils, and Agrotech (re the food vats)] I’ve put reminders on the entrances to Ozone’s area to be sure to decontaminate before entering – I’m concerned about something contaminating his fungus.

Clinic duty isn’t so bad. It is refreshingly normal patient care. Many of the workers with the most downside time are at Bayside, helping them get set-up. Aurora has a plethora of newly defrosted workers who haven’t yet learned how Terra Nueva works – this place kills and eats the complacent and the unwary. I’ve also got to figure out how to get people to come in early for care. I wonder if Bugallo nectar can be made into lollypops.

Marcus is taking advantage of the mud for sports. Ground rules are no crippling injuries, no major organ damage – cuts, scrapes, sprains, can be fixed if it helps morale. I’ll see if I can get a team together from the hospital – we could use the stress relief. Adams is teaching boxing – more civilized violence, I guess.

I went with Adams and Marcus to a couple of the political events. Got into a heated discussion with Ansi Hammadi about citizenship, voting, and whether to create a citizenship requirement for service to the colony. I don’t know why she got under my skin – it’s going to be generations before we can afford to have any idle able-bodied colonists, social pressures should be enough to dissuade laziness. I don’t have much use for idleness from anyone. Like Marcus, I’m usually more frustrated with Suits who don’t understand field work and by Celebs with more money than sense than by somebody who’s poor and working hard to get by.

The other bit that got under my skin was Hammadi’s idea of a work requirement for care, and asking whether I’d let someone starve if they were able-bodied but refused to work. I guess I’m reacting to the team arguments over defenses against the Tikkit and feeling like I need to prove I’m not soft or weak. I saw starving people back home; there’s not enough of anything during a disaster. Triage – deciding who gets what scarce resources was, and is, part of my job. In scarcity, yes, I have and can let someone go without so someone more likely to survive has a chance. In time of plenty … I ignored beggars and the homeless on the streets just like everyone else back home. Here, though, if we have beggars they won’t be strangers, they’ll be someone you know. I think I could tell someone able-bodied but stubborn that I can find them work – mopping the hospital floor if need be – for food, and not just give a handout.

Julia Lucinta Septima also had an election event. She’s a more polished speaker than Hammadi. She and Adams sparred politely over AI rights. Much fewer sparks then when Lucinta tangled with Marak and AUD1 earlier this year. It’s been quiet with AUD1 staying on the Island of Understanding and Marak too busy with his many, many projects. Marcus caught someone trying to interfere by slipping extra drinks to he, Adams, and I and warned him off. I don’t know the guy, but we’ll find out who he is. Probably just politics. Lucinta was a minor noble on Aute and a lawyer here. (Marcus likes lawyers even less than Suits and Squints.) She wants to keep a place for hereditary nobility. I don’t see it. On Aute, the nobles were, demonstrably, kin to the Gods. The highest of them had divine blessings, curses, destinies, and prophecies. But nobody with any measurable amount of divine or magical anything could come with us – we’re all just human (and Mict, and AIs). We’ll need to earn what we get, not inherit it.

I heard from Marak that Adams met with Lyra after Lucinta’s talk to try to persuade her to trust him and not to stir trouble during the election. She told him about Marak’s proposal. I’m told he was speechless. Marak later said that Jeannie and Lyra agreed – I hope for the best for them all.

Finally, there was Dulin’s event at Agritech. I love the new building, but I’m concerned about a House-specific arcology and fragmenting our very tiny society. They’ve been growing plants from home. I haven’t had a strawberry in … feels like forever. Marcus spotted Vivian moving in the crowd towards Adams and Dulin and gave the head’s up. More politics? This could be dangerous – folks are tech enough about Tikkit telepathy, don’t need them getting paranoid about our own people.

At Psi Core breakfast, we talked a bit about my psi genetics project, particularly in light of a conversation with Marak about psi and his hopes for children. I think we need, at least, to try to keep, at least, telepathy, healing, psi sniffing, and anti-psi in the next generation, if for no other reason than to understand and deal with the Tikkit. The other stuff is important, but if I have to start somewhere, I’ll start there. Nobody wants a gestalt.

Akila and Vivian sniped at each other about what role psi may play and about policing misuse of psi. Somebody, don’t recall who, sniped that I had nothing to worry about – nobody’s afraid of healers. I shouldn’t have done it – I used TK to crush a small glass (nothing I couldn’t have done by hand, just no risk of getting a cut) – I’m not as harmless as it may look; we’re all in this together.

I talked to Vivian afterwards – she won’t talk about who hired her, but she might be open to counterbidding or insurance. I also suggested she make the Council and First Contact team off-limits – if she picks up classified info it might be dangerous. I’m trying, tho not always, succeeding, at staying out of the politics. A doctor should be neutral. Vivian thinks I may need to get more involved. Jeannie’s better at the politics. Justinius is the Vigils’ rep on the Constitutional Committee. They can handle this.

So I spent a while sitting on the beach when I was at Bayside thinking. Sunset lasts forever around here.

What do I want? I want my children to carry on my abilities and to be able to use them without a second though of someone freaking out. I grew up scared that I was going to slip up and get dragged off to a Gestalt, lynched by a mob, fired, or get the psis in my family in trouble. Having gone public, the weight of Atlas is off my shoulders. I don’t want anyone to have to bear that weight again.

I want my children to live in peace, to explore this amazing new world and the space beyond. I hope we can leave humanity’s worst traits behind. I hope they know how to cope with disaster, how to defend themselves, how to take care of themselves and their neighbors. I hope they never have to use that knowledge.

It’ll be a while, if ever, before we have Aute’s frivolities. Weirdly, I sometimes miss the stupid stuff – celebrity gossip, fashion trends, even cat holos. I couldn’t stand it back home, but it was a sign of how much we had. We won’t have that for a while, but I want them to have stuff like the comfort foods my parents made, chocolate, Aute fruits, maybe someday coffee. I want them to have time for music, art, and reading for fun, not just working for survival.

I want them to have the rights I take as a given and the values I hold.

I want them to be happy.

Election Results:

House Reps:
Charles Dulin: Aurora/J2;House Agrotech
Gallionus Justinus Quintus: Aurora/J2; Vigils
Genevieve Lucianus Ulfsdotter : Aurora/J3; House of Children
Guthar (Legate): Captain of Janus 4/Bayside; ISP
Marak: House Mercury

Aurora Rep
George Adams: Aurora/J2; Agrotech

Bayside Rep
Jed Wilson: Bayside/J4; Bovine Plus

At Large:
Lorn: Aurora/J3; Agrotech
Tau Ming : Aurora/J2; Colony Treasurer


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