Terra Nueva

Clerical Error 1x01.1

Doctor's Log (Contains Patient Data, Confidential, Encrypted)

Awoken as scheduled one month from orbital insertion, by MedTech Marcea. Administrator Adams, Marak, and Vicinius awoken at same time. Councilor Talbot and Nurse Cho also awoken, but before they were scheduled. The Captain asks us to assist with a problem — some of the external identity tags on the cryopods have been mixed up. The Captain is having trouble finding the communications and satellite techs she needs — this may become a major problem. The star’s EM output is stronger than expected — if the satellites are not hardened and adjusted, they may not last long.
It is so quiet. There are only thirty crew awake in this vast ship. For the first time it feels real — Aute and all we knew is gone.
The Captain’s primary concern is whether this is human error or a ‘bot malfunction. The ship was designed for 230 crew. With Venus, it needs only 13 crew awake at once and 120 robots. Some functions are purely AI controlled. Adams’ House arranged for the ranking administrator to have an assistant — Concordance 3 has been assigned to him. Adams does not want to use her until we know if the bots are the problem.
Marak and Adams begin by unloading their cargo — Adam’s AI and Marak’s computer gear. Vicinius begins inspecting the tanks. I start by confirming that the two sleepers we lost during the mission are who they claim to be, and looking at the medical logs to find the first errors. Marcea is working with the newly awakened in the other room — the sounds of someone nearby are comforting. Vicinius collects DNA for analysis, finds triangular scrape marks on the pods we know are wrong. None of the pods for children or families have been tampered with. Of the remainder, perhaps half have been tampered with.
Looking more carefully at the marks, they are uniform — and arrow shaped. Venus, perhaps, of more likely something that thinks it is Cupid. Marak checks to see who accessed the files on genetic and personal compatibility — it was done 50 years ago from the work floor — an Anteros bot, most likely. I checked for any signs of personnel incidents among the crew awakened around that time, looking for something that might have given the bot the idea. Nothing. With the Captain’s permission, I have examined personnel logs. It appears that crew schedules were deliberately arranged by ISP to pair people who were not romantically compatible and thus not distracted. “Cupid” seems to have wanted to fix that. Adams and Marak look at the logs to see who might have hidden access to the security videos of the control room (checking on its success and identifies CUPID).
After a night’s rest, Adams and I talk with CUPID, Adams being the stern administrator, I the diplomat. CUPID believes itself to be working in the best interests of the colony to make people happy, better families, by arranging potential pair-ups. It is concerned that humans, left on their own, often make poor decisions. It wanted to arrange potential matches before everyone was defrosted and had a chance to make bad decisions. Eventually, it agrees to give up the formula to unscramble the pods for the good of the colony. I have invited it, and any of the other bots who want to talk, to visit me in the med-bay. There’s nothing in the files on AI psychology — time to learn on the job.
-80 years first death
-50 years first access of personnel compatibility database by Anteros
-40 years first noted error, wrong ship tech woken up.
-20 years dead body, outer tag switched


viola_wardell LJS

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