Terra Nueva

A Handwritten Note in the Care Package

Upon the Sending of the First Care Package

Cousins, Kith and Kin:

This Rocket Gift is for you, our family on the other side of this new world system. Was the Del-San Tree spared the asteroid – along with Janus III – so that we could send it and these gifts to you?

Even so it is clearly not enough.

With the Tree we send hope, biologicals and proto-pharmaceuticals. The rescue of the Janus III included the opportunity to develop these new strains of ancient aurea. They should grow in their new homes well (raising instructions have been included) and help provide important nutrients and vitamins for the Aute diet. We will develop better ones, especially if you cite specific needs.

We also included key new developments from the labs on and around Terra Nueva. May they help someday.

If you have specific needs or requests, send them right away. We will get to work. You got the raw hand of Fate. Amazing. Auto’s spirit runs deep within you all. And you are not alone.

Virgil Agricola Vicinius


viola_wardell bill_collins

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